Crate Generation

I have a 9 month old puppy. At night, she sleeps in a crate.

Recently my mom has made some snide comments about this. Most recently, rolling her eyes the other night when I said the dog was in her crate and then today when I was FaceTiming with her and the pup was laying on the carpet wiped out from a walk, my mom sarcastically quipped “she’s so vicious, lock her up” I obviously become annoyed to which my mom stated : “it’s fine. You’re a part of the crate generation”

The crate generation? (Ok, boomer) … Firstly, it’s ok to do things different than our parents. It’s ok to learn and do better. Second, maybe we’re the conscience generation. My parents never crated our dogs, they never walked them either so maybe we all do things a little differently. Also, I remember sitting in the back of my friend’s parents station wagon facing out the back of the car, no seatbelt, racing down the highway and secretly waving to any car behind us when not on the highway in an attempt to flirt with old dudes. That’s something that was done that very well may be something I don’t want to replicate as an adult for my kid. I’m pretty sure seatbelts in an actual seat is far more intelligent and safe. The waving at old dudes .. well, that’s just my own adolescent fault.

When I filled out my application to rescue my puppy, the first question was asking if we would crate, I never had any experience with it so I said no. Then, when I picked her up, the rescue told me to crate her. As did copious friends. Also, we have cats and the cats and dog haven’t really become the best of friends yet so in the night, when she’s sleeping in her crate, they are free to roam without getting in some battle.

This is for now. It will evolve. Everything always does.




A daily exploration of vulnerability.

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Meaghan Nash

Meaghan Nash

A daily exploration of vulnerability.

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