Cats and dogs living together

I anticipated strife between the small beasts but I was never fully prepared for the absolute madness and missing animal current status of my home.

The dog had been here since July, shouldn’t they be used to each other by now? 7 months. 7 months!

Beautiful things I’ve seen this week

  1. My son thinking a Shel Silverstein book found at our neighborhood free library was put there exclusively for him
  2. The way he says “Shel Silverstein”
  3. How excited my parents were to finally get vaccinated
  4. My friend’s 14 month old daughter and all of her…

Intermittent Fasting

I think I’m going to do it. I’m not a massive believer in diets or food restrictions but I’m also not a huge supporter of weight gain and sadness.

We’ve all had A Year. With this, we should all give ourselves grace. Be gentle with ourselves. Show ourselves extra love. All the things.


I didn’t expect to see the number I did at the doctors and I have to shift something. I don’t think eating at night is a problem. I’m very much a believer of calories in/calories out. However, I don’t recall the last time I ate something terribly healthy in the late hours and if I implement intermittent fasting, it would solve that potato chip cookie chocolate issue.

I’m going to try it because why not. I believe in resets.


In middle school, I had two best friends. They were wildly different and they were great.

In August, the one best friend passed away from complications with heart surgery. That same week, my other best friend found out she had a very intense and very rare form of breast cancer.

I haven’t seen the one that’s still around in probably 20 years but thanks to social media, we’ve kept in touch. Today she told me she was coming to town and wanted to know if I would see her this weekend.

YES. All the way yes. I don’t think I’m ready to write about my biggest regret in life but it involves missing an opportunity to see someone and I will actively fight to not allow that to happen again. Know better. Do better.

Gimme Shelter

Today I went into a bread type bakery store for about 3 minutes to procure an overwhelming amount of carbs. With my son. It felt weird because everything feels weird now and made me think about how little I do outside of the house with my kid now.


Something powerful I heard tonight :

Motherhood isn’t how many children we have in our house. It’s how it has changed us.

Crate Generation

I have a 9 month old puppy. At night, she sleeps in a crate.

Recently my mom has made some snide comments about this. Most recently, rolling her eyes the other night when I said the dog was in her crate and then today when I was FaceTiming…

Radical Self Love

What does radical self love mean to you?

It’s such a rad thing to contemplate because layers of answers may reveal themselves.

When I think about it, I think of my friends. I know .. radical self love should be about ones self and it does come…

Beautiful Things I’ve witnessed this week

  1. My husband fall asleep in a virtual meditation retreat
  2. My son’s enthusiasm to be around his grandparents
  3. Perfect books
  4. Black coffee
  5. Waffle fries
  6. Tempura vegetables
  7. Schitt’s Creek
  8. Lemon water
  9. My husband and son making music. Husband on guitar. Son on keys, drums, and/or vocals
  10. A big check in the mail
  11. hours dedicated to play doh
  12. New amazing boots
  13. A closet of clothes that I mostly really like
  14. Freedom to be

We are together a lot. My husband, 4 year old son and me. Even pre pandemic, we were probably together more than most. Unless my husband was traveling for work, we were existing under the same roof for incredibly long stretches of time.

My son is at his grandparents for…

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A daily exploration of vulnerability.

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